Biking France / RandoVélo defines its Conditions of Sale according to the special features of its tours. Any purchase of a tour implies acceptance of these conditions. We would draw your attention to the fact that your trip constitutes a package tour as understood by the regulations in force and as such that you are entitled to the rights specified in Article 10 of this document.

Article 1 – Booking Conditions

Biking France / RandoVélo  offers you customised bicycle tours in France and throughout Europe.

To book and enjoy a Biking France / RandoVélo stay, please follow the procedure described below very carefully:

Stage 1: make your booking request via our website Electronically fill in and sign the Booking Form for the tour you wish to book and pay the deposit and/or the full price of the stay depending on your booking date as specified in Article 2. The sum will only be debited once the availability of your options has been confirmed.

Stage 2: Once we have received your completed booking form, Biking France / RandoVélo will, within 48 hours excluding weekends and public holidays, check the availability of the services required on the dates mentioned. More time may be required for stays and services elsewhere in Europe.

Once these points have been checked, two situations are possible:

a) If the services are available: we will confirm your booking by e-mail and will cash your deposit or the full price paid.

b) If the services are not available: We will send you an e-mail informing you that services required on particular dates are not available. We may then send you a new offer that matches your travel dates.

We hereby notify you that the person who makes the booking in the name and on behalf of the various participants in the trip undertakes to inform all the participants of information provided by Biking France / RandoVélo about the trip.

Article 2 – Payment terms

For any booking completed more than 35 days prior to the departure date, Biking France / RandoVélo shall proceed to collect payment of a deposit of 35% of the total amount of the trip.

For any booking made less than 35 days prior to the departure date, payment of the entire cost of the trip must be made in a single instalment.

Payment for the tour may be accepted by:

• Bankcard with secure on-line payment (CB – Visa – Eurocard Mastercard – American Express).

• Bank transfer.

• French Bank or postal cheque and/or holiday vouchers for payments made more than 35 days before the departure date.

We would draw your attention to the fact that the bank or postal cheque must be cashed by Biking France / RandoVélo within 8 days of the e-mail confirming your booking being sent.

If Biking France / RandoVélo fails to receive all or part of the total cost of the trip within the required time, we will not be able to ensure your booking request for the required dates at the price given. The balance of the cost of the trip must be paid without any reminders from us and be cashed by Biking France / RandoVélo at the latest 30 days prior to the departure date.

Any delay in payment of a deposit and/or balance will be considered to constitute a cancellation for which cancellation fees will be applied as set out in article 4 below.

We hereby give you notice that we do not accept payment by bank or postal cheque less than 30 days before the date of departure.

In compliance with article L 221-28 of the French Consumer Code you are not entitled to any cancellation period once the services of the trip have been ordered.

Article 3 – Insurance policies

When you make your booking, Biking France / RandoVélo will offer you various travel insurance policies:

• “Cancellation and Luggage Insurance”:
This insurance will be billed at 3.15% of the price of your trip inclusive of all taxes.

• “Tranquility Insurance”:
This insurance will be billed at 4.45% of the price of your trip inclusive of all taxes.

For precise contractual details, in particular the scope of cover, excesses and exclusions you should consult the full contractual conditions that can be accessed in the insurance booklets that can be consulted and/or downloaded from the site : download the Insurance Contracts

Insurance policies must be taken out at the time of booking. If you already have cover for the same risks by a previous insurance policy, we give you notice that you have a 14-day cancellation period solely for the insurance taken out with us and provided no claim has been made on such insurance.

Article 4 – Conditions and cancellation / termination fees

If you have to cancel your tour, you must inform Biking France / RandoVélo by any written means allowing you to receive an acknowledgement of receipt and, where appropriate, the insurers if you have taken out travel insurance as soon as the operative event causing the cancellation occurs. The date on which the written correspondence is sent shall be regarded as the date of cancellation with regard to invoicing the cancellation fee.

Generally, the insurance company will assess the date giving rise to your decision to cancel your trip, on the basis of the documents that you send to it directly, in order to decide whether to refund your cancellation fee. The insurance premium will not be refunded either by the insurers or by Biking France / RandoVélo.

Scale of termination/ cancellation costs:

• more than 60 days prior to departure: 35% of the total value of the trip.
• between 60 and 21 days prior to departure: 40% of the total value of the trip.
• between 20 and 14 days prior to departure: 60% of the total value of the trip.
• between 13 and 7 days prior to departure: 70% of the total value of the trip.
• between 6 and 1 days prior to departure: 75% of the total value of the trip.
• the day of departure: 100% of the total value of the trip.

Article 5 – Modifications/Interruptions requested by the client

 5.1. Modification at the client’s instigation prior to departure

1) Any request for modification of service(s) made by the client will be considered a cancellation at the client’s instigation followed by a new booking and will incur the fees set out in article 4.

2) As an exception to paragraph 5.1, the client may request the following modifications without incurring the cancellation/termination of the policy:
• Extension of the stay
• Increase in number of participants
• Addition of an extra night and/or bicycle accessory
Under these circumstances, clients must pay the corresponding price supplement without incurring additional modification costs.

5.2 Modification at the client’s instigation during the stay.

If you do not wish to continue the bicycle tour: You must contact Biking France / RandoVélo who will organise the transfer of people/baggage and bicycles by taxi. You will be liable for the resulting additional costs, which must be paid on the spot and no refund of unused services will be made.

5.3 Transfer of the policy

In accordance with Article R.211-7 of the French Tourism Code, the purchaser may transfer the policy to a transferee who meets the same conditions as the original purchaser for undertaking the tour provided the policy has not come into effect. The purchaser must inform Biking France / RandoVélo by any means allowing it to receive an acknowledgement of receipt at least seven days before the start of the trip.

If the policy is transferred, the transferor and/or transferee must first pay the fees incurred for the transfer. Your adviser will inform you how much is owed.

Article 6 – Travel information

6.1. Administrative and health formalities

Before booking your trip you must first check that each traveller, depending on his/her personal situation and nationality holds a valid passport or identity card that can be used to undertake the planned trip together with any other documents such as visas, permission to leave the country, etc. required and comply with the requirements for transiting and/or entering the country visited.

Clients must check the validity of the documents they hold and ensure they comply with the administrative customs and health formalities of the country they are visiting and any countries through which they transit. Each traveller is responsible for obtaining information about the health instructions published by the local authorities and the recommendations for travellers issued by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) at and complying with them. This information may change up to the departure date and we strongly advise you to check regularly.

Since 15 January 2017, permission to leave the country is required for any minors not accompanied by one of his/her parents who is the legal guardian.

Biking France / RandoVélo issues information about crossing borders for French nationals.

For other nationalities, we would be please to help you complete the formalities required.

6.2. Accessibility

Given the physical effort required to undertake our trips, our tours are likely not to be suitable for and/or accessible to all travellers. We would ask you to contact us for more information about the accessibility of our trips.

6.3. Distribution of information

The person making the booking in the name and on behalf of all the participants in the trip undertakes to ensure each traveller receives the information provided by Biking France / RandoVélo about the trip so that Biking France / RandoVélo may not be held liable for any inaccurate information or omission in the information provided.

Article 7 – Transfer of Baggage

The transfer of baggage from one accommodation to another is performed by hoteliers, taxi companies or specialist companies.
Baggage must be locked and left at the reception at your accommodation and identified by means of the labels provided in the travel pack issued on the first day.
We advise you to keep your valuables with your and not leave them in your baggage while it is being transferred.
Biking France / RandoVélo may not be held liable for theft or loss during the transfer of baggage.

Article 8 – Bicycles

We provide you with bicycles in good working order, which must be returned in the condition in which they were originally supplied.
If a bicycle is stolen, clients must immediately contact Biking France / RandoVélo as follows:

• Weekdays: Call Biking France / RandoVélo office: + 33.(0)
• Weekends or after office hours: Call the emergency number that we will provide you.

For some trips, we may provide different additional accessories the prices for which are given in the ‘Option(s)’ tab for each trip.
These accessories only fit bicycles provided by Biking France / RandoVélo and may not be used on private bicycles.

Article 9 – Complaints

9.1. During the trip

You undertake to inform Biking France / RandoVélo of any non-compliance observed during your trip by immediately contacting our emergency number, details of which are given in article 8 below. Failure to do so may have an effect on any damages or price reduction due if earlier notification could have avoided or reduced the damage to the traveller.

9.2. After the trip

Travellers can make any complaints in writing accompanied by documentary evidence to Biking France / RandoVélo – 29 Q Avenue Gambetta, 41000 Blois as soon as possible after they return from their trip.

If, after referring the matter to our Customer Service department, you have not received a satisfactory response within a maximum of 60 days, you may contact the Travel and Tourism Mediation Service, whose contact details are as follows : MTV Médiation Tourisme Voyage – BP 80 303 – 75 823 Paris CEDEX 17. Details of how to refer a case can be found on their website:

Article 10 – Personal information

The information you give us is saved in a computer file by Loire Valley Travel, SAS, listed on the Blois Companies Register as number 347 762 494 whose headquarters are at 29 Q Avenue Gambetta, 41000 Blois in its capacity as the entity responsible for processing operations. Certain information must be provided to Biking France / RandoVélo when you make your booking and/or request an estimate; this information is indicated by an asterisk. Unless it is provided, your requests cannot be processed. The other information requested is optional. Processing of your Personal Data is necessary to enable us to offer the services of a policy designed to enable you to undertake a trip. The personal information collected is used to enable you to access all the information relating to your trips or trip requests, the realisation of your requests such as estimates and provision of travel services, to enable Biking France / RandoVélo to offer similar services or trips likely to interest you, to compile statistics, sign you up for newsletters and, provided you agree, give you information about Biking France / RandoVélo and its partners (innovations, products and services, canvassing and customised offers). We hereby inform you that in order to fulfil your order for travel services your data will be sent to companies affiliated to our Group and partners of Biking France / RandoVélo, providers of the services booked such as hotels and travel companies or technical service providers such as IT, accommodation, e-mail distribution, on-line payment services, etc. which may be located outside the European Union. The companies affiliated to our Group and/or partners undertake to use your Personal Data only for the performance of certain tasks indispensable to your trip and in the strictest respect of your rights regarding the protection of Personal Data in compliance with the legislation in force. Biking France / RandoVélo undertake not to divulge or sell your personal data to third parties who are not our partners.

Your data will be held for the duration of our contractual relationship and for the duration necessary to meet any legal or regulatory obligations.

In accordance with amended French Data Protection Act No. 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 you are entitled to access, object to (including the sending of marketing communications), correct, limit and delete your data as well as a right of portability over the nominative data about you. You also have the right to define the directives regarding what happens to your Personal Data after your death. You may exercise these rights by writing to the following address: Biking France / RandoVélo – 29 Q Avenue Gambetta 41000 Blois.

Biking France / RandoVélo has appointed a Data Protection Delegate whose contact details are: Service du Délégué à la Protection des Données, 29 Q Avenue Gambetta 41000 Blois – .
You are entitled to make a complaint to the French Data Protection Commission (CNIL) if you believe we have not complied with the regulations that apply regarding Personal Data.
For more information on how we collect and process your Personal Data, please consult our confidentiality and cookies policy, which can be accessed at

In accordance with article L 223-2 of the French Consumer Code, you are entitled to be included on a list refusing telephone canvassing.

Article 11 – Liability of the traveller

The combination of travel services we offer you constitutes a package as defined by EU Directive 2015/2302 and Article L.211-2 II of the French Tourism Code.
You are therefore entitled to all the rights granted by the European Union that apply to packages as transposed into the Tourism Code. Biking France / RandoVélo will be fully responsible for the proper performance of the overall package.
In addition, as required by law, Biking France / RandoVélo holds insurance to refund your payments and, where travel is included in the package, to repatriate you in the event of Biking France / RandoVélo becoming insolvent.
For more information on your essential rights under EU Directive 2015/2302, click here : Key rights under Directive

Special Terms and Conditions of Sale updated on 01.07.2018

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