The tour

Difficulty of the trip

  Very easy:
Cycle tour with very short steps (maximum 30km)

Cycle tour with short steps (around 40km) and without any particular relief.

Cycle tour with moderate steps (around 50 km) and/or with occasional relief.

Cycle tour with some longer steps (around 60 km) and/or with some regular relief.

Cycle tour with long steps (more than 60 km) and with a mountainous relief.

3 different tour types

  • Star tour:
    You will make your daily excursion loop from a single accommodation.
  • Round trip:
    You will change several times of accommodation, coming back to your starting point at the end of the tour.
  • Linear trip:
    You will change several times of accommodation, without coming back to your starting point at the end of the tour.


What types and categories of hotels are included in the tours?

Depending on the tour, you can choose between 3 categories of accommodations. These categories of accommodations are detailed in the « rates » tab of the concerned trip. In any way, in each category of lodging, all the bedrooms are equipped with individual bathrooms and toilets.

  • « Standard » category:
    Accommodations that offer all the comfort needed after a day of biking and a perfect location to visit the tourist attraction around.
  • « Superior » category:
    Lodgings offering a good quality of services and a perfect location.
  • « Deluxe » category:
    Chosen for their high-quality standards, these accommodations will offer flawless services.

When can we arrive at the first hotel?

The bedrooms are usually available around 3 pm. Nevertheless, you can arrive sooner and store your luggage in the left-luggage office until your room is available.

Some of the tour offer a « bike » excursion starting the first day, day of your arrival. In that case, you can leave your luggage at the front office of the accommodation and ride your bike during the day. You will have access to your room after the excursion.

What will we find on arriving?

When you arrive at the first hotel, you will be given a travel folder (one per room) including: Your counterfoil book with vouchers, luggage labels, color maps and detailed day-by-day itineraries, together with tourist documentation.


Some of our packages include dinners and provide selected set menus.

Set or “à la carte” menus ?

The hotels and restaurants put together special menus for Biking France/RandoVélo customers. If you would prefer a different set menu or a free choice from the menu, just ask at the hotel or restaurant and pay any extra cost as you leave.

What does the menu include?

 The menu consists of 3 courses (starter, main dish and dessert) prepared by the chefs, who will take pride in introducing you to the local cuisine and the products of the region.

Note: drinks are never included in our packages (except at some guest houses) and must be paid for in the hotel or restaurant.

What can we do about special dietary requirements?

Menus can, of course, be adapted to individual dietary requirements (vegetarians, vegans, allergies to certain food). Do not hesitate to tell us about your diet information when you book a tour.

Luggage Transfer

Who is in charge of transporting our luggage each day?

Certified carriers or taxi companies will transfer your luggage to the next hotel.


Luggage transfers are organized between 9:30 am and 4 pm (or 6 pm for some tours). The hours will be specified on your vouchers.

When and where do we have to leave our luggage?

Luggage must be locked imperatively and left at the hotel reception before 10 am, labelled with your name tag, included in the travel folder, provided on the first day.

For further information, see this page.


Where and when are the rental bikes delivered?

At your first hotel, and depending on your tour, they will be delivered:

  • The day of your arrival: either at the end of the day, or early in the morning if a first excursion is planned on your schedule this day.
  • Or the morning of your first biking stage.

What to do with the bike rental at the end of the tour?

Whatever your tour is, you will leave your rental bike at your last hotel, or at a partner’s hotel.  We take care of its repatriation.

How can I be sure that the rented bike will be correctly adjusted to my height?

When you make your booking, we will ask for your height to properly adjust it for your comfort.

What types of bikes are provided?

On each page of our tours, we display the type and the brand provided in the « Bike » tab of the tour. Usually, it is hybrid bikes, suited to offer a perfect comfort to ride during your daily stages.

When should you choose an electric bike?

If you do not often ride a bike, if you do not trust your current shape or if you are worried about the hilly/long stages, then the e-bike is made for you. Electric bikes first purpose is not to make you ride faster, it is made to reduce fatigue and difficulties during your stages, so you can pedal serenely.

What about the children?

Of course, we provide bikes suited for children. It is essential to indicate the right size of each child in order to prepare the appropriate bike.

We do also provide additional equipment like trail-a-bike, trailer, baby seats depending on the tour. You will find the detail in the « Bike » tab of the tour.

For further information, see this page.

Travel Book

What will I find in my travel book?

At your arrival in the first hotel, you will be given a travel book (one per room), which includes:

  • Vouchers: to give to each supplier in exchange of the services booked for you on the tour.
  • Name tags: to label your luggage, 2 per person (except on the « radial tours’)
  • The detailed itinerary of your trip, day by day, with the route highlighted on colour maps (most of the time: IGN 1/100 000).
  • Tourist information about the area, cities and different sites you will be able to visit along your stages.

Do you supply GPX files for the stages?

We can send you gpx files for your stages and suggest free apps (and a tutorial) if you do not have a GPS, in addition to the maps and detailed itineraries.

During the tour

What numbers should I call in case of emergency?

Biking France/RandoVélo assures an assistance seven days a week.

During the week: Call Biking France/RandoVélo office: + 33.(0)
On weekends or after office hours: Call the emergency number that we will provide you.

What if weather conditions or a health problem make it impossible to continue the cycling tour?

Contact Biking France/RandoVélo, who will arrange for the bikes and riders to be collected by taxi. The additional costs are payable by the customer (on  spot).