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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Terms

As soon as you get our confirmation, you will be considered booked on the trip at receipt of the payment of 30% of the total amount. The balance has to be paid at least 30 days before your departure date. Otherwise your booking will be cancelled.
For every booking registered less than 30 days before your departure date, the total amount will be required.

Regarding the credit card payment: we DO CHARGE your credit card only once you received from us your BOOKING CONFIRMATION by email.

Are you proposing insurances ?

When you are booking online, you can contract one of our 2 suggested insurances:

• a Cancellation & Luggage insurance contract: « CANCELLATION AND LUGGAGE INSURANCE » (2.9% of the trip cost)

• a multirisk insurance contact: « TRAQUILITY INSURANCE » (3.8% of the trip cost)

See the general provisions: Download this pdf document


The insurances have to be registered at the same time of the booking, and not after.

How to pay ?

You can pay with a credit/debit card, with secured online payment (CB - VISA - EUROCARD MASTERCARD - AMERICAN EXPRESS).

This possibility will be offered to you by ticking the box ‘Book Now’ of the chosen trip.


The tour

- Difficulty of the trip

The number of  indicates the general difficulty of the trip, that is to say :
: easy = not hilly stages AND/OR short stages : between 20 km and 40 km
: average = a little bit hilly stages OR stages between 40 km and 50 km
: average sometimes difficult = hilly stages OR long stages (about 50 km)
: difficult = very hilly stages AND/OR long stages : more than 50 km


- 3 different trip types:

Star tour: you will make your daily excursion loop from a single establishment.

Round trip: you will change many times your accommodations, and come back to your departure place at the end.

Linear trip: you will change many times your accommodations, without coming back to your departure place at the end.

- How to book ?

1. Fill in your booking form for the tour you have chosen.
2. We will check availability with our service providers.
3. We will send you a confirmation of your booking.
In case of payment by credit card, we will charge it once you have received from us your booking confirmation by email.
Biking France/RandoVélo undertakes to respond to your booking request within 24 hours (except at weekends and public holidays) by e-mail or telephone.

- What does the tour include?

Each tour page will specify the services included and excluded, so read each page carefully. In general, our packages include half-board accommodation (breakfast and dinner, excluding drinks) or bed and breakfast only, transport of your luggage from hotel to hotel or guest house, bicycle hire and repairs where necessary, colour maps (scale 1:100 000 for most of the tours) and detailed itineraries for each day together with tourist documentation.



- What types and categories of hotels are included in the tour packages?

According to your chosen tour, you will be accommodated in small 2-star – 3-star and/or 4-star hotels (most of which are members of Logis de France or similar, a chain of independent hotels), in 4-star château-hotel or in guest houses. A warm welcome and a high quality of service are guaranteed. The bedrooms are all equipped with bathrooms and toilets.

Furthermore, we have established some 'labels' to help you to identify some of our tours:

: tour offering accommodation in ‘charming’ establishments throughout your journey.
These are hotels (mainly 2* or 3* category) or guest houses.

: tour offering 4* category hotels or ‘châteaux-hotels’ throughout your journey.
: ‘easy’ or ‘average’ difficulty tour offering accommodation dedicated to family throughout your journey (triple and/or quadruple room).

- When can we arrive at the first hotel?

The bedrooms are generally available from 3 pm. We therefore recommend you to arrive after this time. Nevertheless, you can arrive sooner knowing that you can not take benefit of your room.

- What will we find on arriving?

When you arrive at the first hotel, you will be given a travel folder (one per room) containing: Your reservation booklet (vouchers), baggage labels, colour maps and detailed day-by-day itineraries, together with tourist documentation.

- What does a Twin or Double bedroom mean?

When you make your booking, in case of 2 persons per room accommodation, it will be asked if you wish to be accommodated in a “twin” or “double” room. A “twin” is a bedroom for two people with two separate beds, while a “double” room has one large bed.


Some of our packages include dinners and propose selected set menus.

- Set or "à la carte" menus ?

The hotels and restaurants put together special menus for Biking France/RandoVélo customers. If you would prefer a different set menu or a free choice from the menu, just ask at the hotel or restaurant and pay any extra cost as you leave.

- What does the menu include?

The menu consists of 3 courses (starter, main dish and dessert) prepared by the chefs, who will take pride in introducing you to the local cuisine and the produce of the region.

Note: drinks are never included in our packages (excepted at some guest houses), and must be paid for in the hotel or restaurant.

- What can we do about special dietary requirements?

Menus can of course be adapted to individual dietary requirements (vegetarians, vegans, allergies to certain foods). Do not hesitate to tell us about such requirements when you book.

Luggage transfers

- Who takes care of transporting our luggage each day?

The hotel management or a taxi company will transfer your luggage to the next hotel.

- When?

Luggage transfers are organised between 9:30 am and 4 pm (or 6 pm for some tours).

- When and where do we have to leave our luggage?

Luggage must be locked imperatively and left at the hotel reception before 9:15 am, labelled with the luggage labels included in the travel wallet provided on the first day.


- Where are the rented bikes delivered, and when?

At the first hotel in the tour, on the day of your arrival :
• at the beginning of the morning for the "star" trips or specific tours (BU2, BR2, VE2-V, VE3-V, BA3, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M8, M9, L5, L24, L25, L26 and L30).
• at the end of the day (or on the second day - early in the morning) for all other trips.

• in the morning on your 1st bike stage for all the Danube tours.

- What to do with the bike rental at the end of the tour?

Whatever your tour, you will leave your rental bike at your last hotel, at the end of the trip. 

- How can I be sure that the rented bike will be correctly adjusted to my height?

When you make your booking, we will ask for your height in order to send the information to our bike technician, so that your cycle can be properly adjusted for your comfort.

- What should I do if my rented bike is stolen?

Our prices do not include insurance for the bikes or for customers in the event of an accident. We therefore strongly recommend that you obtain cover from your own insurer for these risks. If bikes are stolen, it is essential that customers contact Biking France/RandoVélo.

- What are the other sorts of bikes provided?

In Loire Valley, we can provide Electric Assistance bikes as described on the "More Info" section. But we can provide also :

SCOTT ‘Sportster P6’ bike - 21 gears

Equipped with : 2 rear panniers (saddlebags), 1 map holder, 1 repair kit, 1 pump, 1 lock + 1 counter. Helmet and reflective vest included.

ARCADE TANDEM bike - 21 gears

Equipped with : 2 rear panniers (saddlebags), 1 map holder, 1 repair kit, 1 pump, 1 lock + 1 counter. Helmets and reflective vests included.

- What about the children?

We provide adapted GITANE bike for children :


- We provide also some equipements :

On some tour, we can provide you the following equipments :

• a trail-a-bike (for children from 5 to 9 years old)
• a trailer (for baby or 25 kg maximum children)
• a baby seat
• etc . . .
The rates of these equipments are mentioned on the ‘prices’ page of each tour.

The Equipments are suitable for Biking France / RandoVélo  bikes only, and not for personal bikes.


 What can I find in my Travel Book?

On your arrival, the hotel will give you a travel book (one per room) including:
• Vouchers: to give to each supplier in exchange of each service booked for you on the tour.
• Luggage stickers (2 per person) (excepted for ’Star’ tour’).
• The detailed itinerary of your trip day by day and colour maps (most of the time : IGN 1/100 000).
• Tourist information about the area, cities and different sites you will be able to visit along your stages.

During the tour

- How many time do the stages take on average?

Beginners should expect to achieve an average of 10 km/h (6 mph) by bike and 5 km/h (3 mph) on foot.

- What are the emergency numbers to call in the event of problems?

During the week: Call Biking France/RandoVélo office: ++ 33.(0)
At weekends: Call Biking France/RandoVélo office, and an answering machine will give you the mobile number to call.

- What if weather conditions or a health problem make it impossible to continue the cycling tour ?

Contact Biking France/RandoVélo, who will arrange for the bikes and riders to be collected by taxi. The additional costs are payable by the customer (on the spot).

If you would like to know more about our tours

When you book one of our tours, you can be sure of the tranquillity of an organised holiday planned down to the last detail before you leave (hotel reservations, luggage transfers, detailed itinerary and maps). Once you arrive, you have all the time you want to complete each day’s itinerary in total freedom and at your own pace, stopping where you like - you can choose from among the various sites suggested along your route depending on your interests (culture, cuisine, vineyards etc.).