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Veloscenic, Paris - Mont St Michel by bike : tour(s)

Veloscenic, Paris - Mont St Michel by bike besoin d'un conseil ? 02 54 78 62 52

Created in 2012, Veloscenic is a bike road that spans over 400 km (250 miles), crosses three regional parks, and serves five UNESCO World Heritage sites. The road even allows you to learn French history via its handsome (and illustrative) monuments. Highly recommended!
Our tours take you onto bike lanes, greenways, waymarked country roads, and forest roads from the Château de Rambouillet (once a royal residence, now a presidential home), up to the fabulous Mont-Saint-Michel Bay. Our tours run through magnificent landscapes like the Eure Valley, the Perche and the Maine hills, and Normandy’s bocages (hedged landscapes). Past the cathedral in Chartres with its famous stained-glass windows, we lead you onward to Dentelle d’Alençon, unique in the world, then to the Belle Époque spas in Bagnoles-de-l'Orne. As a final reward for all your pedaling: a sweeping view of Mont-Saint-Michel for memories you are sure to treasure.