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Santiago Compostela Trail : tour(s)

Santiago Compostela Trail besoin d'un conseil ? 02 54 78 62 52

The pilgrimage Camino de Santiago can be biked, too. Among the five historic French roadways is the greatly appreciated Via Podiensis, the Latin name for the Puy-en-Vélay Route. Its primary attraction is the beauty of the sights along the way – a variety of landscapes and architectural treasures from one end to the other.

The route begins in the volcanic lands of Le Velay, near the Gévaudan, an area of spooky legends. It makes its way along the high Aubrac plateaus, then continues into the Lot Valley, over the Quercy limestone plateaus, then moves southwesterly into the Pyrenees. It crosses famous sites such as the villages of Espalion, Estaing, and Conques, a true tourist-magnet.